Ultrasound Liposuction

( Cavitation )

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive, alternative to scalpel and liposuction, a body shaping treatment, based on the action of an external source of ultrasounds with a specific power directly on the subcutaneous adipose tissue of a selected body part. As a result of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, cell metabolism increases, all calcification is crushed, blood circulation is accelerated, removal of unnecessary metabolic products increases, and various enzymes in cells are activated.


How does the procedure work?


Fluctuations in the ultrasonic wave exert a micromassage effect on adipose tissue, visibly reducing its volume. Ultrasounds stimulate the molecular structure of adipose tissue and remove unnecessary metabolic products accumulated around the cells.

Fats are eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system and excreted in the urine. That is why it is very important to properly prepare the patient for the ultrasonic cavitation treatment. At least a few days before the procedure, increase the intake of liquids by about 1-1.5 l per day. As a result, proper hydration of body fat occurs, which is a necessary condition for the occurrence of the proper breakdown process. Increased amount of fluids should also be taken after the treatment to ensure proper cleansing of the body from fat and the toxins generated in this process.


What are the effects:


Ultrasound liposuction, often referred to as slimming treatment, is not suitable for significantly reducing the patient's weight, nor is it an overweight treatment. The task of ultrasonic liposuction is to reduce fat deposits and cellulite, and to slim the body and shape the silhouette. Thanks to ultrasound liposuction you can remove fat tissue from all problem areas of the body in a much safer way than with traditional liposuction using a scalpel.

It is worth emphasizing that only the patient depends on how long the effects of the treatment will last. Lost centimeters in the waist or hips will quickly return if the diet is not followed and the appropriate level of physical activity is maintained.



How long does the procedure take and how often it can be performed?


Depending on the place being modeled and the amount of adipose tissue, the procedure is performed for 15 to 30 minutes.

The treatment does not require convalescence or staying at home, you do not feel any pain after the procedure, and the skin surface remains smooth and intact. The therapy program, ie the number of treatments and their frequency, is set by the cosmetologist individually with the patient.

Typically, a series of treatments is performed at weekly intervals. In the case of extremely high fat accumulation, ultrasonic cavitation can be performed twice a week. The ultrasonic cavitation treatment is intended for both women and men.


indications for treatment:


  • fat reduction, slimming

  • body shaping

  • skin firming

  • stimulation of circulation

  • nourishment of the skin

  • improvement of skin elasticity

  • slender silhouette

  • stimulation of metabolism



  • pregnancy and lactation period

  • cancer (up to 5 years after the end of treatment)

  • heart failure, hypertension

  • viral and bacterial diseases of the skin, interrupted continuity of the epidermis

  • fever, weakness and exhaustion of the body

  • osteoporosis

  • presence in the surgical area of ​​metallic foreign bodies and implants

  • epilepsy, multiple sclerosis

  • pacemaker, heart valve

  • liver disease

  • hernia

  • menstruation