Terms and conditions of the EDIT Beauty & Skincare


1. Please read the terms and conditions of EDIT Beauty & Skincare before making an appointment with us. Making an appointment means you understand and agree to the terms and conditions in this statement.

2. Opening hours of the EDIT Beauty & Skincare:

 Monday, Wednesday Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm

 Tuesday, 9:00am to 7:00pm

 Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm

 Sunday: closed


Opening hours may change depending on the needs of customers. It is possible to provide services at other times than mentioned above, but only after appointment.


3.EDIT Beauty & Skincare offers a comprehensive package of beauty services, professional advice and cosmetic consultations, cosmetics to purchase, Gift Card and treatment packages.

4. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you're late, please let me know, preferably by phone. In the event of being late more than 15 minutes, I do not guarantee the completion of the procedure in full. The possible shortening of the procedure will only concern the shortening of the treatment stages, while maintaining all the stages included in the given procedure. In the event of delay on my part, the procedure will be performed without shortening the treatment stages.

5. The prices may be subject to change, the scope of work and used cosmetics depends on individual predispositions and the needs of the client. About all prices the customer is informed before the surgery in the salon or after an earlier phone call.

6. The client is obliged to provide a full name, and current phone number when making an appointment.

7. An appointment can be made by telephone contact 07858354691, text messages, messenger, fan page www.facebook.com/EDITbeautyandskincare or a personal visit to the salon only during business hours.

8. Please note that a deposit is required to secure your appointment if it is 4 days or more from the initial booking date. If the appointment is 3 days or less from time of booking, no deposit is needed.  A deposit of £20.00 is required for a single treatment, £30.00 deposit for a treatment price over £60.00. If we don’t receive a deposit within 48 hrs  from the time of booking an appointment, it will be cancelled after that time.

If a client cancels at least 24 hrs before scheduled appointment, any deposit will be returned. If client cancels within 24 hrs the deposit will be forfeited due to loss of time by EDIT Beauty & Skincare.

In the event of an emergency and we have to cancel an appointment, we will give clients as much notice as possible to re-arrange their appointment or cancel with refund of any deposit if applicable.


9. In the Salon, a Gift Card is available, payable in cash or by transfer to an account. The Gift Card entitles you to use a certain number of treatments within a specified time of 6 months. The Gift Card is non refundable and can not to be exchanged for cash. In the event value of the cosmetic procedure exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the recipient pays the difference. If the value of the selected cosmetic procedure is lower than the value of the Gift Card, I do not refund the difference. The holder can purchase another treatment, paying the appropriate difference.

10. Every client who decides to have treatments in the series, i.e. intervals of 7 - 14 days between successive treatments, is obliged to pay the fee in advance for the whole package of treatments. I allow in exceptional situations of payment in two instalments.

11. Before starting to provide any treatment, I conduct an interview with the Client in order to determine whether due to the state of health, diseases or lifestyle or other factors there are no contraindications to the surgery and to establish post-treatment recommendations.

12. Performing a face treatment and other treatments using currents or disturbing the continuity of tissue requires the written consent of the client for the procedure. In the case of refusal to sign the consent, the procedure will not be performed.

13. Clients are obliged to notify me beforehand about any ailments that may constitute a contraindication to cosmetic surgery (clients are in particular obliged to inform about: diseases of the circulatory, lymphatic, natural, psychological, skin and bone systems, in particular: o pacemaker, cardioversion, cancer, inflammation in the acute phase, history of jaundice, HIV infection and other viruses, pregnancy or puerperium, prostheses, amalgams, metal implants in the body, stroke, etc.). Stopping diseases, illnesses, or other conditions results in the client taking responsibility for health. In the case of concealing the said information, it releases me from liability for possible consequences. Customers and clients are also obliged to inform about the possible deterioration of their well-being while performing treatments.

14. Clients should take off any jewelry before  we start a treatment.

15. Treatments related to the violation of tissue continuity are performed in sterile disposable gloves and a mask. Sterile and disposable gloves, towels, cotton swabs, lignin, napkins, needles are used for treatment. Reusable cosmetic tools after the treatment are disinfected. Tables, countertops, armchairs, floors are disinfected with means for disinfecting broad-spectrum surfaces.

16. If you have any questions regarding your procedure, I’m happy to answer them.

17. Children aged 13-18 may use services EDIT Beauty & Skincare services, but only with the knowledge and consent of parents or legal guardians.

18. We do not allow smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises.

19. All persons in the EDIT Beauty & Skincare are obliged to follow these rules.

20. In justified cases, I reserve the right to refuse to perform the procedure.