Radio frequency RF

 Bipolar radio waves are radio frequency currents whose perimeter is closed in the treatment head.

RF treatment is one of the best methods of non-invasive skin rejuvenation. With the help of radiofrequency we can achieve the same effect that we give unpleasant and painful treatments of aesthetic medicine. Not without reason is often called "lifeless without scalpel". The skin is irradiated with a bunch of radio waves that reach into the interior and turn into heat. Intensive heat up of fibroblasts (up to 60 degrees) - skin cells that produce collagen and elastin, signifying a significant stimulation of their activity. Fibroblasts begin to produce much more fibers, which smooths existing wrinkles, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and prevents the formation of further irregularities.


The result of this reaction is skin elasticity and elasticity. The treatments neutralize the effects of aging and act preventively increasing the density and skin resistance.

The treatment involves heating the collagen fibers, which causes them to shrink and tighten, resulting in a regeneration process. It comes to the ordering of their structures. In addition, radio waves stimulate fibroplasty for rebuilding and the production of collagen and elastin giving the effect of filling wrinkles.Increases density, elasticity and tension in the skin and improves oval face and skin tone.

In many cases, after the first surgery, the effect is noticeable. Skin in the area affected by radio waves is more tense.


  •     Facelift, neck and cleavage

  •     improvement of tension and condition of facial skin and eye area / elimination of relaxation

  •     Removal of upper decay

  •     Smoothing of chicken feet

  •     the outflow of mimic and gravure wrinkles

  •     improve facial ovulation / liquidation of so-called hamsters

  •     liquidation of dangling so-called / second chin

  •     flossing of the lip-nose folds


  •     acute conditions

  •     high fever

  •     hypertension

  •     infectious diseases

  •     cancer

  •     heart diseases

  •     leukemia

  •     pregnancy

  •     Fresh fractures in the treatment area

  •     period

  •     skin allergy

  •     dermatological diseases

  •     viral, bacterial and fungal diseases

  •     implants (metal, plastic, gold, silicone

  •     pacemaker

  •     diabetes

  •     circulatory failure

  •     painful and large varicose veins in the surgical site

  •     interruption of skin continuity

  •     spun gold

Frequency of treatments:

4 to 8 sessions depending on skin condition and treatment area

face - treatments are performed in 15-25 days intervals depending on the advancement of aging processes,  prophylactically every 25 days, intensive therapy every 15 days