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PCA Therapeutic Mask


Every skin likes to be pampered, so in addition to daily face care, it is also worth taking special care of it from time to time and treat yourself to a real nutritional bomb in the form of a professional white cosmetic treatment. The PCA SKIN laboratory is a well-known American brand that has created highly effective, professional medical and cosmetic treatments. Both pillars combine the latest technologies and achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine. A higher level of PCA SKIN care are masks that have been designed for patients with complex skin problems, as well as for those who, for various reasons, cannot undergo treatment with chemical peels.

Detoxifying Charcoal Mask - Deeply cleansing mask

Detoxifing is a mask with active carbon which gives it deep cleansing properties. Dedicated to all skin types, both oily, dry and sensitive - each one struggling with the problem of impurities. The active carbon contained in the mask formula is a wealth of minerals, detoxifies the skin, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and brightening properties, and absorbs impurities. To achieve a deep cleansing of the skin, PCA engineers used a booster ingredient - Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, which supplies the skin with natural minerals.


Indications for the procedure:


- pollution
- detox of deep layers of the skin
- imperfections
- oily and acne skin
- sensitive skin
- Dry Skin



Treatment effects:
After use, the skin is deeply cleansed and the excess sebum and toxins are reduced.

Hydrate Oat Milk mask - Moisturizing mask

A mask designed to soothe and moisturize all skin types with a disturbed hydrolipid barrier. Its action is based on oat milk, which deeply binds moisture in the skin and restores its level of hydration. Oat milk restores the hydrolipid barrier on the skin surface, restoring comfort to sensitive skin and is an excellent antioxidant protecting against harmful external factors. The unique composition of the mask is created by plant ingredients rich in vitamins, such as cucumber, arnica, and panthenol. Cucumber and arnica extracts, as well as curly cartilage extract, which are rich in vitamins and microelements that improve the overall appearance of the skin. The soda hyaluronate contained in it additionally smoothes fine wrinkles caused by dehydration and improves skin firmness.


Indications for the procedure:
- photoaging
- sensitive skin
- rosacea
- wrinkles
- lack of firmness
- dry and dehydrated skin
- earthy, gray, dull skin
- mature skin



Treatment effects:
Visible improvement in skin firmness and smoothing of fine wrinkles. The Hydrating series treatment leaves the skin perfectly moisturized, smooth and nourished.

Revitalize Papaya Mask - Revitalizing Mask

The mask is an intensive treatment based on the best active ingredients. Pure papaya extract and additionally lemon, orange and apple extracts illuminate dull and earthy skin and effectively reduce hyperkeratinization of the epidermis, giving the skin a healthy look - they are a source of enzymes and exfoliating acids. Green tea, vitamin E and honey reverse the effects of free oxygen radicals, oxygenate the skin and moisturize it, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. The skin becomes luminous, bright and smooth. A series of treatments using the Revitalize mask reduces wrinkles and reduces discoloration.


Indications for the procedure:
- all skin types
- gray, earthy and matte skin
- wrinkles
- discoloration
- anti-wrinkle prevention



Treatment effects:

The skin looks younger and radiant after use. Thanks to regular treatments, we obtain the effect of smoothing out wrinkles and reducing discoloration. This therapeutic mask is used for all skin types that need revitalization.

Retexturize Pumpkin Mask - A highly nourishing mask

A treatment mask with a highly nourishing effect designed to increase the density and tension of the skin damaged by UVA / UVB rays, skin with acne lesions or excessively keratinized skin. Restructurize: Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask combines the keratolytic effect of pumpkin enzymes and salicylic acid with highly antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients in order to remodel skin cells, smoothing out its texture and color.


Indications for the procedure:
- skin damage caused by sunbathing
- acne
- matte skin
- hyperkeratosis of the epidermis
- ideal for types fitzpatrick I-VI



Treatment effects:
The skin has an even color and texture, and keratosis is minimized. The treatment is an ideal proposition for reversing the negative effects of sunbathing.

Clarify Salicylic Acid Mask - Anti-acne therapy

The mask formula was designed for patients with problematic acne skin. At the same time, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, quickly and effectively gives the feeling of deep cleansing of the skin, prevents the formation of dilated sebaceous glands. The Clarify mask for acne-prone skin therapy contains rich plant extracts with a soothing effect and salicylic acid with a soothing effect, which meets all the needs of acne skin.


Indications for the procedure:
- persistent acne
- blackheads
- oily skin
- enlarged pores
- excessive keratinization (exfoliation of the epidermis)
- rosacea in remission


Treatment effects:
The skin after the treatment is visibly calmed down, the anti-inflammatory and fungicidal effect reduces persistent acne. Pores are minimized and the skin is less prone to further oily.