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I-TECH Detox

     The innovative i-TECH Detox Therapy line from Arkana is a comprehensive program complementing the care and protection of the skin exposed to the effects of the rapid pace of modern life. It is a harmonious complement to other Arkana products used every day.

The innovative formula of i-TECH Detox Therapy dermocosmetics was developed separately for women and men.

All this to best meet the challenges posed to your complexion every day - 24 hours a day, 360 hours a month, 365 days a year.


Thanks to precisely developed, intelligent technology, they adapt to your daily rhythm and individual needs. They protect against the greatest threats of modern times - radiation

(blue light / HEV light) from devices that you use every day, air and water pollution and sudden changes in weather conditions. They help in the constant fight against time - they reduce the effects of stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue. They are your personal expert in everyday skin care.

If your skin is:

- gray and sallow

- contaminated with blackheads or acne

- devoid of radiance and clearly overworked And you are alone / lacking energy and stressed

  it is a treatment for you!


The effects of the treatment:

- cleansing

- detox

- refreshing

- full of radiance, radiant and even youthful skin

- strengthening the skin's immune system and thus protecting it from the harmful effects of 

  external factors

- regeneration and restoration of skin harmony.