Cannabis BIOtherapy



   Such a dermocosmetic treatment was not yet available. Inspired by medical findings, Cannabis Therapy MD's 100% safe cure is based on exceptional active ingredients: Cebidiol ™, hemp and poppy oil. Dedicated skin care even extremely sensitive and with impaired protective barrier, conditions it to repair it up to 3 levels.

The latest line of Arkana Cannabis Therapy MD is based on the innovative combination of CBD - cannabidiol, hemp and poppy oil. What sets the benchmark of unprecedented innovation is the use of Cebidiol ™, which, thanks to multi-layer spheres, is stable and gradually released into the skin throughout the day, not just at the time of application. This is important because its action is "graduated" and the effect is much more prolonged and profound.

We emphasize that CBD is a safe and legal substance, derived from genetically modified and non gluten free varieties. Important products do not contain THC (addictive fraction). CBD contained in Cebidiol ™ works by killing pain, alleviating irritation and reducing cellular stress. It is worth emphasizing that it was Arkana who combined the effect of hemp oil with poppy seed, which strengthens the effect of the first and is a natural emollient rich in EFAs and vitamins. In addition, poppy oil moisturizes, acts anti-inflammatory and healing. It is also important to note that both oils are so-called "dry", which is easy to absorb and does not leave an oily, slippery layer on the skin.

Author's skin repair strategy on 3 levels

Skin repair therapy with Cannabis Therapy MD runs in 3 stages:

    Stage 1 - Natural BIO cleansing with cannabis cleansing foam, which perfectly removes makeup and cannabis skin care fluid, which refreshes the skin and soothes and soothes irritations.

    Stage 2 - Eliminate the symptoms of inflammatory reactions to bring immediate relief. At this level, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD are used to form a cannabis serum that is applied during the procedure at the Cosmetic Surgery. In addition, in order to alleviate inflammatory changes, there is the only one on the market in the snow mushroom mask with silencing and moistening properties.

    Stage 3 - Repair and strengthen the protective barrier using a cannabis night mask for dysfunctional skin and endocannabinoid massage (you will do it in the Cosmetic Cabinet)

Dysfunctional and overactive skin

CBD Therapy MD is dedicated to people with overactive skin, extremely sensitive and stressed. Daily care of such skin is a real challenge. It is necessary to select the preparations that will soften and stop the lesions, will be compatible with the recommended dermatological treatment, and afterwards it will prevent possible recurrences of the disease. Let us also remember that skin with dysfunction and EEG deficiency without adequate support is aging faster.

Necessary support for psoriasis and eczema

Cannabis therapy is also ideal for people with conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, which often stop treatment due to long-term and cumbersome pharmacological treatment. Dermocosmetics Cannabis Therapy MD are safe, provide relief and will effectively support the treatment process and restore skin to a disequilibrium. Keep in mind that lesions affect not only the area of ​​the face but the whole body, including the hands and feet. The line will be appreciated by diabetics, whose skin dysfunction is manifested by excessive dryness and disturbed hydrophilic mantle.

For vegans and vegetarians

Cannabis therapy is a therapy based on safe and completely natural ingredients. Hemp and poppy oil are cold-pressed so they retain their extraordinary biological properties. Natural preservatives and antioxidants ensure safe use. It is also 100% vegetable and anti-allergic. They also do not contain gluten. The line is appreciated by vegans, vegetarians and people intolerant to gluten.

Frequency: 6 treatments at intervals of 7 to 14 days