Welcome to the deep exfoliation method

Brigitte Kettner


Brigitte Kettner's method differs in many ways from conventional cosmetics.
MBK is a holistic method of outdoor and indoor care. We deal with the whole person,

not just its outer shell. As a result, we can offer individual therapy - as a set of products that act on substances in the body that affect their functions: activate, normalize or slow down.
     The Brigitte Kettner Method is a deep-rooted exfoliating cure, based solely on herbal base. Pure herbal blend, without any chemical additives or synthetic toxic particles, causes strong skin congestion and peeling of the epidermis. Paid exfoliation of top layers stimulates the formation of new cells, stimulates regeneration of the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis.

This sensational skin rejuvenation - biological lifting!

Other indications for the procedure:

  •  oily skin with enlarged pores

  •  acne - youthful acne

  •  sun damaged skin

  •  sunshine, pigmentation, ostrata

  •  skin striae

  •  old-atrophic skin

  •  acne scars, and other .........

      During the massage with a mixture of herbs light skin on the top layer of the epidermis with microparticles contained in herbs. Other rich, valuable ingredients in the blend are massaged into the skin. By dissolving, they provide the skin with valuable substances - vitamins, plant hormones, mineral salts and others. After the procedure, the skin is reddened, and a burning sensation like light sunburn is noticeable.
     For 3-4 days the skin is peeling. Home care is at this time on the face wash with a special lioton and lubricating soothing cream (obtained after the treatment). On the fourth day it is necessary to carry out a complementary treatment - while the remaining remnants of the skin are removed, while the strongly cleansed, especially absorbing skin, readily accepts the valuable ingredients.
     BRIGITTE KETTNER is a wonderful rejuvenation treatment and elimination of skin problems. It results in increased production of collagen, "new" skin is clean, fresh and rejuvenated, its general condition - definitely improved!
Deep exfoliation with herbs is a complex treatment - skin cleansing, cleansing, herbal blend, herbal exfoliation, soothing lotion, closing liot.

Duration of the treatment 1.5 - 2h