ARKANA - Reti Fusion Peel 

Dermoaesthetic Retibrasion



     Autumn is a good time to start your intensive exfoliation/regeneration treatments. That’s why now it’s time to give your skin multiactive Reti Fusion Peel set, which is part of the new line of dermoaesthetic products Arkana MD.

Even though ‘acids’ and ‘exfoliation’ sounds rather dangerous, the highest standards of dermoaesthetic procedures, detailed interview and medical survey which are performed before treatments guarantee, that the treatment is perfectly chosen for our skin needs.

Peeling phenomenon – which is a base of Retibrasion treatment – is based on complex action of stable 5% retinol combined with 10% vitamin C, phytic acid and resveratrol.

Fusion of highest concentration of active ingredients guarantee comprehensive action:

  • Rejuvenating

  • Removing skin discoloration

  • Reducing all skin’s imperfections




THEREFORE YOU CAN EXPECT following effects:

  • Brightening discolorations

  • Evening out skin tone

  • Improvement of firmness and elasticity of the skin

  • Less visible wrinkles

  • Improvement of facial contour

  • narrowing of the sebaceous glands

  • acne skin improvement

  • shallowing strechmarks.



What’s important, treatment can be made on:

  • face

  • neck and decollette

  • the back part of the hands

  • parts of the whole body


Number of treatment is series: 2-5 in depending on problem and skin condition

Let’s not fear novelty therapies – RETIBRASION – starts new part of highly effective, dermoaesthetic cosmetology treatments with medical properties, which will bring us results we expect!