The latest technologically advanced PRP therapy with plasma-lift effect is a non-invasive response to aesthetic treatments with platelet-rich plasma. Inspired by regenerative medicine the treatment includes 2 Signal peptides, W3 Peptide and GHK-Cu, which remodel the skin and restore its youthfulness. The therapy perfectly enhances the effects of professional dermal aesthetic treatments and is especially recommended as a shock treatment aimed at a comprehensive and total rejuvenation of mature skin with wrinkles and photoaging. It is also recommended after invasive procedures that require accelerated regeneration. The therapy gives spectacular anti-aging effects in combination with other MD aesthetic therapies.

The method commonly referred to as "vampiric lifting".

    The most important element of PRP activity is the activation of different types of skin cells by growth factors - GFs. Growth factors are involved in the processes of regeneration of epidermis and dermis cells, activate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and support repair processes against aging skin. Growth factors released from platelets, stimulate the formation of new capillaries, fibroblasts and activate stem cells. The result of their activity is the production of new collagen and elastin, which are important for young skin appearance.

Growth factors contained in platelets also stimulate hair follicles, which is used to treat hair loss and improve their density.


- skin that requires rapid and total regeneration

- with signs of aging of varying degrees of severity

- with loss of skin density

- therapies supporting the effects of dermoesthetic procedures

- trichological therapies

- Antiaging prophylaxis


Treatments in the series: from 4 - 8, at intervals of 14-28 days