Phyto Fenol Peel

What contains and how does Phyto Fenol Peel work?

The ingredients of the treatment have been formulated to provide the best possible effect on the skin.The peel contains the following substances: coffee acid, rosemary acid, ferulic acid, hexylresorcinol, almonds AHA and phenolacid, BHA salicylic acid and phenolacid and retinol.

This composition guarantees a remarkably effective brightening and rejuvenating effect by eliminating the effects of photo-aging.

Phyto Fenol Peel is designed for anyone who is struggling with the following problems:

  •     discoloration

  •     melasma

  •     chloasma

  •     photoaging

  •     wrinkles

  •     uneven skin tone

Compared to standard chemical peels, this treatment is safe and provides quick skin regeneration.

Skin care after Phyto Fenol Peel

Peeling has a wonderful effect on the skin. Therefore, proper skin care after treatment is necessary. This results in long-lasting effects and the uneven skin tone is no longer a problem.

Contraindications for Phyto Fenol Peel

  •     Pregnancy and breast-feeding

  •     bacterial, viral, allergic, fungal, cancerous skin diseases

  •     broken continuity of the epidermis

  •     surgical treatment in the surgical area (last 6 months)

  •     active herpes

  •     Isotretinoin therapy (6 months)

  •     reduced immunity

Frequency: 4 - 6 treatments once per month